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Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
what? robert zimmerman, george zimmerman's brother in studio today to try to explain that, and defend his brother. oh that's going to be interesting. you don't want to miss a second of that. plus the elbow of the day plus the rage against the 1%. a hell of a show. it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now mitt romney is way down in the polls in swing states. i told you about that before. i even called the election. i think he's in huge, huge trouble. in tomorrow night's debate he needs a knockout punch. this is part of his problem the media loves to call everything even. find out if you analyze the substance, then you would be bias. that would not help mitt romney's cause any way. that would put him in bigger trouble. the last presidential debates, i love this fact. have you seen this? you probably saw it on "the young turks," and that's about it. the media, do you remember them saying, the declared winner is this guy. they said george bush was the winner of the al gore debate, wrong again, bob. eight out of the last nine presidential debates, gore-bush, bush-kerry obama-mcca
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Oct 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
panel and also an at large exclusive, george zimmerman's brother robert. he looks like just george. here with news about the accused murderer of trayvon martin, after this. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. i got to ask him why it was that with our immigration system as broken as it is why it was that he didn't do what he said he would do in his first year which was put in place immigration reform policies that would deal with this issue and he didn't do that. >> geraldo: it is funny they never talked about that kind of stuff. i just want to give you a quick reminder coming up, george zimmer mann's brother robert live with an undate on trayvon martin murder case. first the whole question of whether border security and illegal immigration will play a role in t
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
president's so-called narrative. that is a work of fiction. and a-team, robert zimmerman, and hank shine coff. and taranto. and one of largest organization providing dits 8 offer relief to victims of hurricane sandy and superstorm that followed, is american red cross, sending thousands of volunteers, to the storm ravaged northeast, the red cross providing 23,000 overnight stays for victims of the storm since saturday, tuesday night more than 9,000 people in 100 someone to red cross shelters across 13 states, joining us now, senior vice president of disaster trading for red voss -- red cross, charlie, give us an estimate to how many people remain homeless and evacuated. how many are in setters? your best estimate. >> we know that 9,000 people spent last night in american red cross shelters, 13,000 in shelters all over states red cross and independent shelters, but how many people are out displaced, that number is in tens of probably hundreds of thousands, many stay with families or are staying in hotels, probably a quarter million, really big numbers in terms of displaced. you already men
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Oct 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
panel and also an at large exclusive, george zimmerman's brother robert. he looks like just george. here with news about the here with news about the accused murdererúwñoa [oinking] [hissing] [ding] announcer: cook foods to the right temperature using a food thermometer. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. check your steps at i got to ask him why it was that with our immigration system as broken as it is why it was that he didn't do what he said he would do in his first year which was put in place immigration reform policies that would deal with this issue and he didn't do that. >> geraldo: it is funny they never talked about that kind of stuff. i just want to give you a quick reminder coming up, george zimmer mann's brother robert live with an undate on trayvon martin murder case. first the whole question of whether border security and illegal immigration will play a role in the race for the white house. we are continuing with fox news political analyst bill kristol here in the stew we with me in new york former senate candidate from delaware
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
y dicen que es latino, que es hispano. >>> robert zimmerman también dijo que su hermano está escondido en una casa por orden de la corte la entrevista completa del hermano de george zimmerman la pueden ver en >>> hablar de política le costó caro a este hombre, después de darle una bofetada a su esposa, la mujer le dijo que era como su madre, porque simpatizaba con el candidato republicano mitt romney, él dijo que adora a su esposa al juez, pero este le dijo que no podía acercarse más a ella. >>> una familia en carolina del sur hizo un terrible descubrimiento ,porque por facebook unos adolescentes realizaron una tremenda fiesta, los intrusos son compañeros de escuela de sus hijos que están identificados. >>> hablando de facebook, mil millones de usuarios es el número de miembros de esta red social, en asia es el mayor crecimiento, mientras que en américa del norte y europa es menor. >>> síganos en facebook y vea las fotos y reportajes en nuestra página, también vaya a twitter y síganos en primer impacto, @primerimpacto. >>> quién iba a ima
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Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. this is a young robert zimmerman at the piano. oh, i am sorry, he changed his name to bob dylan. we moved into the architect part of the hall of fame. the piano, guitars, what with these singer songwriters really be? come meet the ceo of the rock 'n roll hall of fame. terry stewart. thank you so much for joining us. the rock 'n roll hall of fame is here in cleveland because the term was coined by this guy, alan freed, a dj. talk about that moment and why he coined that phrase. >> he was very egotistical. he had an insight about the music. he fell in love with it. he really wanted to sort of on it. he gradually took over that world. and that whole process he thought there was a bigger universe of people out there. he renamed it rebranded it. he knew what it meant. they told him not to use it. he used it anyway. [laughter] it took off like wildfire. liz: you learn something new every day. we will go over here. i have to quickly pointed out. these are alan freed ashes. we do not have to get into the details of that. i would be way more interested in getting into these guitars. >> these
FOX Business
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the president now has to face is a point* over our. and robert zimmerman is in long island. he traveled there from the hamptons. do join us live. the 18 is next. -- the "a team" is next. from investing for the first time... to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potentl of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ..roct water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptane speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i
Oct 13, 2012 8:00am EDT
is democratic strategist robert zimmerman. and we are talking about the voter i.d.s -- >> good morning. >> good morning, sir. do you believe that the voter i.d. laws could turn the outcomes in florida and ohio and if so, how could the democrats compensate tor that? >> well, no question that the voter i.d. laws are driven to turn the tide in the swing states. when george w. bush was president, you never saw a movement for voter i.d. laws and maybe one or two states had to make a adjustment, but now that president obama is president, you have 11 states engaginengag. in texas and tennessee, people carry a concealed gun, that is a voter i.d., but if you have a student identification, that won't qualify as a voter i.d. let's not kid ourselves. >> and the democrats say it will hit their voters hard and how do the democrats compensate then. >> and the republicans say it is going the hit the democratic voters hard and legislative leaders in pennsylvania and wisconsin say it will help mitt romney, and the way to compensate this and overcome it is by voter education. and voter galvanizin
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
from george zimmerman. robert zimmerman appeared on the show last night and confirmed his brother will sue nbc over an edited version of his 911 call where he reported trayvon martin as a suspicion person. the edit call makes it sound like he volunteered information that martin was an african american. >> george never called and reported a black person. he does not volunteer that information. somebody asked him to describe someone. but the way things were edited by nbc and others made it sound otherwise. >> two employees at nbc today show was fired as a result of that edited clip. he is accused of shooting and killing trayvon martin. >>> thousands of people will pack the san francisco waterfront to see some amazing sailing today. it is the final day of the san francisco stop on the america's cup world series. competitors include yachts and teams from the u.s., china, korea, new zealand, and sweden. the america's world cup includes four events. it is designed to broaden interest leading up to the big america's cup races next year. and the dangers of races began apparent yesterday when t
Oct 9, 2012 12:00am EDT
face in shadow to protect her identity and in the studio with me, george zimmerman's brother, robert. welcome to you again. gladys, if the situation had been reversed f. it had been george going to a store and unarmed and got into an altercation with trayvon martin and he had produced a gun and shot your son dead, do you think you would feel differently about what happened? >> mr. morgan, i don't want to touch anything that has to do directly with the case. it's very important for me as a mother not to touch for the sanctity of the case, the prosecution and the defense, that i would rather not talk about anything that will affect the case. i would rather like to talk about my son. >> yeah, tell me this -- i understand, and i respect you can't talk about the case. let me ask you about george. what is the most annoying misconception that you keep having to hear or read about your son? because some people see him as this brutal killer, a racist, somebody who -- you know, abused his ex-girlfriend and so on. a lot of this must be hurtful to you as his mother. what are the things that have
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm EDT
zimmerman joins me now exclusively along with george's brother, robert, who has been one of my guests before. welcome to you both. gladys, you asked us to keep your face in shadows to protect your identity and we respect that. i'm aware that you haven't given any interviews before. why do you want to talk out now? >> i feel that it's about time, the time that all this commotion was happening, we were forced to leave our home. we were forced to just disappear and because of the death threats that we were getting, it was very dangerous for us even to think about to come to defend our son. >> tell me, gladys, when you think back to that night that trayvon martin was killed and you first discovered that george had fired the gun that killed him, how did you feel as his mother? what went through your mind in that moment? >> at that moment it felt like i couldn't believe what had happened. i felt that -- that the world had turned upside down. to me it was like a nightmare. i just couldn't -- just couldn't believe what had happened. to me it was unbelievable. i was very sad. i was very sad fo
Oct 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
listen. >> and ryan zimmerman healed, yes, next. >>> and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> well, how excited were you burgundy and gold nation when pierre garcon caught that deep end pass from robert griffin, iii and dashed 88 yards for a touch and we won? could that end up being his primary highlight of 2012? maybe so. he's been mostly injured since that play, of course. today he announced he has a torn ligament in his foot, ouch. he's not sure when he'll be back, devastating news for a guy that so much has been banked on. so thursday it became beep, beep, beep, paging dr. mike shanahan, md, please. >> when you talk about a capsule, when you're talking about tendons, that's what a capsule is. there are fibers in there that are off balance, yeah. what the doctor said to us, if he can tolerate the pain, he's not going to make it any worse. >> sounds painful. >>> london fletcher not only dealing with a tight hammy, he missed practice to see a specialist for balance problems, not sure if it's associated with a concussion, but he's questionable for sunday. >>> still time to vote in our l
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
zimmerman se declaró inocente, pues dice que disparó en defensa propia. >>el hermano del acusado nos acompaña en vivo desde los Ángeles para compartir detalles. >>muchas gracias, buenos días. >>buenos días, satcha. >>robert, cuéntanos ,donde está tu hermano actualmente y como se encuentra desde el punto de vista emocional >>el por orden de la corte tiene que quedarse en el condado, en la florida. está en una casa, eestá escondido >>nosotros ahí vivimos todos en familia. su estado emocional mejora dia a dia, él es fuerte, está en un lugar mejor que el que estuvo el 27 de febrero >>la familia de trayvon martin ha revelado fotografias de quien era el joven, pero no conocemos muchos de george zimmerman, no se sabía que era de ascendencia perúana >>viajabamos a perú con frecuencia, nos criamos en la casa con la abuelita, con platos tipicos perúanos, somos de la generacion de cristina saralegui y jorge mercado, tenemos una gran influencia, no hacemos distincion de razas, sí teniamos el conocimiento de ser hijos de dos culturas, tenemos influencia de la cultura latina y así
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
for his family, the brother of george zimmerman robert zimmerman. to many americans that's off-putting that he had no regrets. would you take that back if you could? >> i think george--first of all thank you for having me as representative of my entire family but george. george is a profoundly religious person. people who are religious, we grew up in the catholic tradition, they have a--they have a tendency to shy away from taking things back or suggesting other realities other than happened. it's in the religion-- >> i'm not sure every religious person would have reacted that way. do you think how people might have been upset when he saids i don't regret what happened. it's a terrible accident where a kid gets shot for no reason. >> i don't hear the same thing that you hear when i hear my brother talk about that. i hear he doesn't have regrets of how those things played out. george did say that, and you didn't play that, he wishes it would have happened some other way. he wishes there was some other thing he would have done or some other circumstance arise that is in that inte
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)